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The number of employees in the Nigerian workforce is growing every day, which means that HR and employer issues are starting to become a bigger problem. The following are some of the common HR problems that Nigerian companies face today and how we think they can be solved:

1. Lack of Employee Training & Development

A lot of companies have been unable to fully utilise their human capital due to inadequate training and development. The reason for this is that many organizations think they have to wait until the ‘right’ person comes along before they invest in training them. This is a mistake because it means that the organization has been operating without a competent employee for that period of time. 

In order to avoid this, recruitment should be preceded by an assessment of the skills needed for the job and then an attempt should be made to find someone to fill that role. If this isn’t possible, then short-term training or mentoring should be provided until the right candidate shows up or until the existing employee has been trained adequately.

To ensure that you have enough people to do your work, you must also make sure that people are trained properly so that they can take on more roles as your business grows. This will save you money and time looking for new employees when you need them.

2. High Turnover Rate 

A high turnover rate is one of the most common HR issues in Nigeria. One major reason for this is the lack of quality and competitive salary packages. People are always looking for better opportunities and when they don’t find them in your company, they leave. Asides from making provisions for salary increases, there are some other cost-effective ways to reduce the risk of a high turnover rate in your organisation.

One way is by ensuring employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is vital if you want to have a healthy workforce. If something isn’t going well with your employees, they will leave no matter what you offer them as a compensation package. You need to pay attention to their needs and make sure they feel like they are being treated fairly at all times. If your employees feel like they are not being respected or appreciated, then they will leave regardless of how much you pay them. You can also ask them what they want and need to be happy at work. Once you know the answer, you can use that information to make changes in your organisation. For example, if an employee says they want more flexible work hours or more paid time off, then provide those benefits to them.

Another thing you need to do is to get rid of toxic people. If there is someone in your organisation who seems negative about everything, then it’s time for them to go! Toxic people can affect everyone around them negatively so get rid of them before they start spreading their negativity around your business further than it should have gone already!

3. Stressful Recruitment Process

In Nigeria, the recruitment process can be a costly endeavor for any company, due to the number of resources it requires in terms of manpower and finances. This can be particularly challenging for small businesses that may struggle to execute the process efficiently and effectively.

Fortunately, roPay’s HR software offers a solution by enabling companies to reach out to a large pool of job seekers simultaneously, while also providing job seekers with the convenience of applying for jobs online at any time. Ropay is a software tool that helps in HR Administration and Recruitment. It is designed to simplify your HR management and make it easy with one platform for all your HR needs. It has a powerful candidate database for recruiting, tracking, and managing your employees with ease.

It comes with a suite of solutions designed to streamline HR processes such as; recruitment, onboarding, employee benefits administration (HMO, NHIF), team management, attendance tracking, performance reviews, and so on.

If you’re dealing with employee issues, I hope the solutions we provided at roPay give you a little guidance on how to solve them. And if one of these problems is really sticking out for you, there’s a good chance it’ll be easier to solve than you’d imagine, so don’t hesitate to tackle it head-on.

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