Our Mission

You’re Priority.
To empower business owners to properly manage their human resource, deliver happiness to them and achieve business objectives.

Our Story

In 2020, we started Ropay to help SME founders easily calculate and automate salaries and all statutory compliance requirements. Over the last two years, we have evolved alongside you, our customers, to build a comprehensive platform focused on creating a happy work environment for employees and increasingly helping business owners to stay on top of their finances.

Our Offering

All-in-one advance payroll processing tool for your business. Ready To Try Ropay For Yourself?

Employee Benefits

Offer healthcare insurance, bonus and other financial benefits to your hardworking employees right on roPay.

Reverse Payroll Calculation

With only the net income per staff, you can automatically calculate taxes, pension and allowances, and pay with ease.

Full Service Payroll

Run unlimited advanced payroll, pay your taxes and pensions automatically, stay compliant and pay your staff on time.

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