Top 7 Payroll Software for Nigerian Businesses in 2024

  Let's get straight to it - payroll can be a real headache. From navigating complex tasks like several taxes and pensions to meeting tight deadlines and overseeing the entire company's payroll, it's a process that might have you reaching

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The Ultimate End-Of-Year Payroll Checklist- 10 Essential Steps For Nigerian Employers

As the year draws to a close, employers in Nigeria are actively engaged in various critical tasks, and one such imperative activity is the completion of their end-of-year payroll tasks. A seamlessly executed payroll process isn't just vital for regulatory

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How To Give And Receive Effective Feedback To Improve Workplace Culture

Fostering a thriving workplace culture is at the core of a company's success; and essential to building this environment is the skill of giving and receiving effective feedback. In this blog post, we explore the profound significance of effective feedback,

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5 Trends To Watch And Embrace In Payroll Management

Payroll management used to involve a lot of manual work and paper records, but now it has changed a lot. Thanks to new and better technology, payroll is now more efficient and secure. This not only improves how payroll works

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Common Employee Engagement Challenges And How To Address Them

In the pursuit of success, businesses sometimes underestimate one of their most valuable assets- their employees. Engaged employees, genuinely invested in their work, play a crucial role in a company's growth, innovation, and resilience. Despite this significance, fostering an engaged

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Simplifying Payroll And Employee Management: How To Switch To A New Payroll And HR Service Provider

Is your payroll system outdated and inefficient? Do you find yourself spending too much time and effort on payroll and other HR tasks? Or, have you been encountering difficulties with invoice payments or money transfers? If so, it may be

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Top 10 Skills Nigerian Businesses Seek in New Hires

The competition in the job market is fierce, with 75% of employers struggling to find candidates who possess the right mix of technical expertise and essential soft skills. The demand for these skills is on the rise, making it crucial

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Latest Trends And Best Practices In HR Management In Nigeria

In the past, HR was often considered a “behind-the-scenes” function within organisations; However, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Nowadays, businesses have come to realise the pivotal role that HR plays in their overall success. HR departments have transformed into key

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How to Create Strong Employer Branding in Nigeria

A significant 86% of job seekers conduct thorough research on a company's reviews and ratings before committing to a job application. This statistic powerfully demonstrates that a substantial paycheck and an attractive job description are no longer the main factors.

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How to Avoid Payroll Mistakes in Nigeria

Payroll management in Nigeria can be challenging due to complex tax laws, diverse work arrangements (full-time, remote, contract, and so on), and varying compensation structures. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to

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