Having fun at your job is the surest way to excel at it. Payroll computation, however, can be frustrating and will get you working more than 40 hours a week, ridding you of the ‘fun’ part. The sad truth about this is that it does not even guarantee or improve productivity; there could be a series of oversights and inconsistencies in the outcome, which may cost you and your company a lot.

Imagine having to calculate payroll for numerous staff on several excel spreadsheets, within a stipulated time. It will certainly take so much of your precious time and will lead to confusion, no matter how good you are at math. Besides, payroll processing is not only about ensuring that employees get paid; a lot of calculations like gross pay, net pay, and so on, need to be considered to achieve accuracy in results.

Processing payroll doesn’t always have to be so boring and time-consuming. With an effective payroll software like Ropay, you can process payroll in just a few minutes, saving you a couple of hours to engage in other productive activities.

Since its inception, Ropay has helped over 1000 businesses process payroll for their employees. It has been proven to be more reliable and affordable than outsourced payroll services and we sure have been able to accrue a series of testimonies to attest to that. Lekan Olude, from Rohealth, says “Now, I do not have to go through the headache of sending our accountants to remit pension. I do all of that right from Ropay”.

Here are some of the other amazing features & benefits you will experience using Ropay:

Faster Payments: Ropay’s Basic/Advanced features enable you to onboard & pay your team with ease. With the basic feature, you can process payroll without Statutory payments i.e taxes & pensions, while the Advanced Payroll allows you to process payroll with statutory payments.

Schedule future payments With the Salary Advance Feature: Sometimes we forget to attend to important things when we get so busy. With Ropay, you do not have to worry about paying your staff late. You can schedule a payment on the app from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be, and your staff will get paid at your set date.

Onboarding & Team Management: With the Ropay app, you can manage your team and track attendance. You can also onboard and oversee your employee operations all from the app, so you do not have to worry about salary miscalculations leading to underpayment of your staff. You can also reward hard-working staff members with bonuses. Ropay keeps track of timesheets and other necessary documentation which gives you accurate information to fall back on when the need arises.

Pay freelancers with the Vendor Management Feature: We often get asked if the Ropay app is strictly for handling business payrolls. The answer to that is ‘No’. We are not just restricted to businesses and corporate organisations. The Vendor Management Feature makes it possible to pay freelancers and casual workers right from the app.

Manage Multiple Businesses: Do you own or manage multiple businesses? Ropay is what you need. With Ropay, you can manage 2 or more businesses on a single account. This allows you to manage your series of workers and pay them without confusion and hassles.

There are some new features coming up under the Statutory Compliance features, which include; NHF(National Housing Fund), NHIS(National Health Insurance Scheme) and so many other interesting features you certainly do not want to miss out on. Ropay is truly here to stay!

Dear business owners, entrepreneurs, and accountants, what are your payroll needs? Ropay is here to solve them. And we hope you can now see that Payroll processing can be a lot easier and more fun when you do it with Ropay. Sign up now for free.

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