Let’s get straight to it – payroll can be a real headache. From navigating complex tasks like several taxes and pensions to meeting tight deadlines and overseeing the entire company’s payroll, it’s a process that might have you reaching for ibuprofen before your morning coffee. But worry not, the remedy is here- payroll software. This innovative tool is purpose-built to streamline the payroll process, making it not just more efficient but also less stressful.

In practical terms, payroll software takes on tasks such as calculating wages, taxes, and deductions. This automation ensures accuracy and saves valuable time, bringing efficiency to the entire payroll operation. Gone are the days of stress associated with manual management.

In this article, we’ve curated a selection of 7 excellent Nigerian payroll solutions, tailored for businesses of all sizes, looking at their pros and cons. Whether you’re a solopreneur just starting out or at the helm of a growing team, each option is crafted to empower your business with distinct features and tailored benefits. No particular order here – just a range of options waiting to be explored. 

Join us as we help you find the perfect match and witness your operations scaling to new heights!

1. Ropay

roPay is a versatile payroll and HR software solution designed for businesses of all sizes in Nigeria. It has positioned itself as the preferred choice for enterprises seeking efficient and customised solutions to streamline their operations. Established in 2020, roPay was founded with the mission to assist SME founders in effortlessly calculating and automating salaries, as well as managing all statutory compliance requirements.

In the span of the last two years, roPay has undergone significant evolution in tandem with its customers. The platform has transformed into a comprehensive solution, not only addressing payroll and compliance needs but also fostering a positive work environment for employees. Additionally, roPay has increasingly supported business owners in maintaining financial control and management.


Key Features

  • Salary & Statutory Payments: roPay’s advanced payroll capabilities include precise salary calculations, automated payments, and accurate tax deductions. It ensures seamless compliance with statutory payments and employee benefits like pensions, ensuring accuracy in financial transactions.

  • Reverse Payroll Calculations: Unique to  roPay, this feature allows for reverse payroll calculations, offering unparalleled flexibility. Users input each employee’s net income, and the system generates a detailed breakdown, including components like house allowance and tax allowance.

  • Recruitment to Onboarding: roPay facilitates efficient recruitment processes with assessment workflows and video assessments, enhancing the onboarding experience. The roPay app provides global recruiting flexibility, utilising keywords to broaden talent searches and maintaining transparency with automated communication.

  • Performance Management: From defining clear performance objectives to conducting assessments, the roPay platform empowers you with real-time analytical reports, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

  • Employee Management: roPay streamlines administrative processes with easy leave applications and salary advance requests through the roPay employee mobile app, fostering financial flexibility. The platform includes clock-in and clock-out functionalities for precise attendance tracking and introduces disciplinary measures like suspension for a comprehensive employee management approach.

  • Employee Benefits: roPay goes beyond payroll and offers an enriching work experience with benefits like bonuses. These not only enhance employee performance but also foster a sense of care from employers.

  • Payment of Invoices: Within roPay, you can effortlessly manage invoices and recurring payments, delivering a comprehensive financial management solution.

  • Manage Multiple Businesses: roPay provides users with the capability to efficiently oversee multiple businesses through a unified platform. Whether you’re concurrently managing a food business and a bank, roPay enables you to handle both seamlessly within a unified system.

  • Easy Onboarding with 3 Different Options: Onboarding is simplified with roPay’s three different options. Involve your employees in the process, enabling them to complete all necessary checks for accurate information effortlessly.

  • 2 Factor Authentication for signup: roPay incorporates Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) during the signup process, enhancing security measures. This additional layer of protection ensures that only authorised individuals gain access to the system, safeguarding sensitive information and contributing to overall data security.


    • Streamlined recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding processes.

    • Reverse payroll calculations

    • Comprehensive integration of payroll, HR, and Spend Management

    • Encompasses all essential HR features, including payroll, recruitment, team management, and performance reviews

    • Integration of video assessments for recruitment.

  • Employer & employee self-service app for enhanced accessibility.


No cons

2. Earnipay

Earnipay is a Nigerian fintech platform launched in 2022, specialising in optimising payroll processes, ensuring tax regulation adherence, and offering customisable pay structures. Originally introduced as a salary advance solution, Earnipay has since broadened its scope to encompass business operations, financial services, and employee challenges. 


Key Features

  • Automated Payroll Calculations: Earnipay automates the computation of payroll, simplifying the complex task of salary processing for businesses.

  • Employee Profile Management: The platform facilitates the efficient management of employee profiles, centralising crucial information for streamlined HR operations.

  • Data Accuracy Verification: Earnipay incorporates tools to verify data accuracy, minimising the risk of errors in the payroll and personnel management.

    • ‘On-Demand Pay’ Solution: Employees can access up to 50% of their earned pay before the official payday. At month-end, the employer deducts the withdrawn amount from the salary, refunds Earnipay with it, then pays the employee the balance as their salary for that month.

For better accessibility, Earnipay recently introduced *347*729#, a USSD code for registered  users to check their salary information. This service is available to all mobile users, regardless of the network, and accessible 24/7 without data or internet connectivity. 


  • Finance Tools: The platform provides tools for managing spending, invoice factoring, and vendor management, contributing to overall financial efficiency.

  • ‘People Ops’ Tools: Earnipay offers tools dedicated to People Operations, ensuring secure and organised management of employee information.


    • Convenient accessibility via USSD.

    • Points-based rewards system incentivizing savings with earned points upon fund addition.

  • Employee-friendly approach, allowing access to up to 50% of earned pay before the official payday.


    • Absence of HMO benefits.

    • Limited coverage of core HR features such as extensive recruitment and performance reviews.

3. SeamlessHR

SeamlessHR is a HR and payroll software as a service (SaaS) company, founded in 2018 with a focus on enhancing productivity in emerging markets, particularly in Africa. Their product suite covers various aspects, including HR management, performance evaluation, analytics, leave management, time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, and recruitment management.


Key Features:

  • Support for Single or Multiple Companies: The platform allows users to handle human resources (HR) processes for either a single company or multiple entities from a unified system, offering flexibility and operational efficiency.

  • Custom Payroll Reports: You can tailor your payroll reports according to the specific needs of your business. This customisation ensures accuracy and relevance in financial management.

  • Time-Tracking Management System:  You can monitor and manage employee work hours, schedules, and attendance efficiently, fostering increased workforce productivity.

  • Performance Management Tools & Real-Time Analytical Reports: You can access tools for defining performance objectives, conducting assessments, and obtaining real-time analytical reports for actionable insights.

  • Application Tracker &Streamlined Onboarding Process: There is an application tracker which streamlines recruitment and ensures a smooth onboarding experience, optimising talent acquisition.


    • Availability of core HR features

    • Employee self-service functionality

    • Comprehensive integration of payroll, HR, and Spend Management

  • Learning Management segment, offering online course integration for staff training.


  • Lack of a signup option on the website; requires scheduling a demo with their team, which may not always align with user preferences.

4. Bento 

Bento, a platform specialising in payroll and HR management services, provides three primary products: Pay by Bento, People by Bento, and Inclusive by Bento. The platform operates in approximately seven African countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of its features:


Key Features

  • Payroll and Benefits Administration: with ‘Bento Pay’, Bento facilitates the seamless management of payroll, statutory payments and benefits, streamlining essential financial aspects for businesses.

  • Health Insurance & Unemployment Insurance Options: The platform provides options for health and unemployment insurance, contributing to comprehensive employee welfare.

  • Inclusive: With ‘Bento Inclusive’. This feature allows for the effortless payment of domestic staff salaries, while also assisting freelancers in tracking invoices and monitoring earnings.

  • Core HR Functions: Bento covers essential HR functions such as onboarding, leave management, and disciplinary measures, providing a holistic solution for personnel management.

  • Recruitment and Hiring Tools: With ’Bento People’, the platform includes tools dedicated to recruitment and hiring processes, simplifying and optimising talent acquisition.

  • Performance Management and Employee Engagement Features: Bento offers features designed to enhance performance management and foster employee engagement within the organisation.

  • Savings & Investment: While employees can directly save through Piggyvest integration to set aside your salary, the investment feature is currently inactive.


    • All-in-one payroll, HR, & Spend Management solution.

    • Job Insurance: Provides employees with up to half of their salaries for up to 3 months in case of job loss.

  • Life Insurance: Ensures employees’ safety and well-being by providing dependable life insurance coverage through a third-party integration.


    • Limited employee self-service features, including the absence of attendance clock-in/out and leave application.

    • Incomplete coverage of HR management features, such as attendance tracking

5. Pade HCM: 

Established in December 2020, Pade HCM operates extensively across Africa, offering a multi-currency payroll system and a comprehensive suite of HR solutions. Emphasising automation through its ‘Autopayroll’ feature, the platform includes features for health insurance, pension management, and performance tracking. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of its offerings.


Key Features

  • Automated Payroll: Pade HCM incorporates automated payroll processing, streamlining the payroll management process for businesses.

  • Earned Wage Access: Pade HCM allows employees to access half (50%) of their salary before payday through their Earned Wage Access feature.

  • Autopayroll Feature: The platform’s Autopayroll feature enables automated submission, enhancing efficiency in managing payroll tasks.

  • Payment Proration and Check Payment Options: Pade HCM provides flexibility in payment methods, including proration and check payment options.

  • HR System: Pade HCM offers a comprehensive HR system that covers various aspects, including performance management, benefits administration, and more.

  • Multi-Currency Payroll & Employee Information Management: Pade HCM includes support for multi-currency payroll and efficient management of employee information.

  • Integration Capabilities: You can integrate your preferred payment providers or accounting software with the Pade HCM platform.


    • Distinctive multi-currency payroll feature sets Pade HCM apart from other payroll software in Nigeria

    • Employee-friendly Earned Wage Access feature, enabling employees to access 50% of their salary before payday

    • Customisable prices and plans offer flexibility for businesses.


    • Additional transaction fees of ₦2000 are applied to each processed payment, attributed to the payment provider, potentially making it relatively higher compared to other platforms.

    • Limited employees benefits such as HMO.

6. Brass Payroll

Established in 2023, Brass Payroll originates from the banking company’s vision to enhance economic prosperity for local African businesses. Initially focused on delivering superior banking services, Brass Payroll has recently expanded its offerings to include a finely-tuned payroll management tool. This evolution allows businesses, irrespective of size, to effortlessly set up salary payments across multiple locations and streamline team creation.


Key Features

    • Mobile App Access: The platform provides convenient mobile app access, enabling users to efficiently manage payroll operations remotely, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

    • Standard Salary Payment: Brass Payroll facilitates standard salary payments, ensuring a straightforward and reliable compensation process for employees.

    • Use in Multiple Locations: Users can leverage Brass Payroll in multiple locations, providing flexibility for businesses operating in various geographic areas within Nigeria.

    • Creation of Multiple Teams: The platform allows for the creation of multiple teams, enhancing organisational structure and team management capabilities.

    • Setting Up of Taxes and Pensions: Brass Payroll supports the easy setup of taxes and pensions, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and financial planning.

    • Automatic Tax Remittance (Opt-in Service): Users can opt for the automatic tax remittance service, streamlining the process and enhancing overall efficiency in financial operations.

    • Easy Access to Financial Reports: The platform offers easy access to comprehensive financial reports, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and financial management.


    • No transaction fees on salary payments

    • Cost-effective for relatively small businesses using Brass, as it’s free for companies with a payroll under N500,000.


    • Limited features to payroll. Lacks HR management features such as team management and attendance tracking.

    • Absence of employee benefits functionality.

7. MyXalary

Founded in 2021, MyXalary is a Nigerian HR software solution offering features like time tracking, employee monitoring, attendance management, and payroll. With a mission to simplify business management, the platform concentrates on administration and team management, addressing key areas such as payroll, time tracking, compliance, and HR. This approach aims to provide businesses with more time for learning, growth, and other meaningful pursuits.

Key Features

  • Payroll Management: MyXalary efficiently handles salary processing and associated tasks, incorporating a comprehensive payroll audit feature for accuracy and compliance verification. The system also implements automated settings for 13th-month payments, contributing to the streamlined execution of the payroll process.

  • Leave Management: Streamlined system for tracking and managing employee leave requests and balances.

  • Staff Recruitment: Tools and features facilitating the recruitment process, aiding in efficient hiring procedures.

  • Cash and Tool Requisition Management: A system for managing requests for cash and tools within the organisation.

  • Learning and Development: A platform supporting employee growth through learning and development initiatives.

  • Attendance Management: Efficient tracking and management of employee attendance records.

  • Self-service Employee Platform: This platform offers features such as on-demand salary access, virtual meeting scheduling, internal communication tools, and financial transaction capabilities.

  • Collaborative Communication: The platform offers a Chats and Announcements feature, facilitating employee interactions, updates, and discussions within the system. This feature promotes cohesive communication within your team.

  • Payment section for non-payroll purposes: In the payment section for non-payroll purposes, users can remit payments for various expenses, similar to spend management in other applications. While it allows scheduling of payments, it doesn’t support recurring payments.


    • Payroll Audits functionality.

    • Automated 13th Month settings integration for staff training.

    • Availability of core HR features.

    • Learning Management segment, offering online course 


    • No recurring invoice functionality under ‘no payroll payments’.

Choosing the Best Payroll Software for Your Business

Workspace with a laptop, calculator, dollar bills, and sheets of paper on a table.

When selecting the ideal payroll software for your business, it’s crucial to factor in specific considerations to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your team, enhances productivity, and maximises your business’s efficiency. Here are key points to bear in mind:

  1. Key Features

When considering different payroll software options for your business, the features they offer are pivotal. It’s essential to ensure that each feature aligns with your company’s objectives. Different solutions may excel in one area while lacking in another, so finding the best fit is crucial. 

  1. Pricing

Pricing plays a crucial role in the selection of the right payroll software, requiring careful consideration of your financial capabilities and the benefits it brings to your company. Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality is vital. While it’s important to spend wisely, acknowledging the value of features justifies potential higher costs. 

For example, Brass stands out as an appealing choice for budget-constrained businesses or startups with smaller teams, offering complimentary services for those with a payroll under N500,000. Another example is roPay, which provides a balanced approach between affordability and robust features, catering to startups on a budget and established enterprises seeking an all-in-one payroll solution.

  1. Security Measures

When choosing the ideal payroll software for your business, prioritising the security of sensitive data is paramount. In this regard, roPay stands out by placing a robust emphasis on data security. The implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security pins serves as a noteworthy feature, offering an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access. This advanced security measure significantly enhances the overall integrity of the payroll system, ensuring that your valuable data remains protected and inaccessible to unauthorised users.

  1. Adherence to Statutory Laws

Ensuring adherence to statutory laws is essential for the seamless operation of your business’s payroll management. It involves complying with regulations related to tax calculations, pension, and other legal obligations. This commitment is vital for minimising the risk of regulatory issues that could potentially disrupt your business operations and result in penalties.

Choosing a comprehensive payroll solution that excels in statutory compliance goes beyond mere legal adherence. It reflects your commitment to accuracy, transparency, and integrity in handling financial matters. This emphasis on precision in tax calculations and clear records fosters a trustworthy environment, which is crucial for maintaining the credibility of your business. Opting for a payroll solution with these attributes not only safeguards your business from legal complications but also contributes to the overall smoothness of operations, ensuring a reliable and compliant payroll management experience tailored to your business’s needs.

  1. Reviews

Examining user reviews and testimonials plays a crucial role in gaining insights into the real-world experiences of businesses using payroll software. For instance, software tools like roPay, known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, consistently receive positive feedback. These testimonials offer valuable insights into the software’s effectiveness and reliability. Take a look at what users have to say about roPay.

  1. Business Size

When choosing the perfect payroll software for your company, don’t underestimate the impact of your team’s size. The ideal software should seamlessly adapt to your team’s dynamics, whether you’re running a startup with a few members or a larger enterprise. This adaptability ensures the software efficiently tackles the nuances of your payroll process. Opting for a scalable solution tailored to your team size is key. It not only ensures immediate effectiveness but also sets you up for long-term success, allowing the software to grow alongside your business, delivering optimal performance as you expand.

  1. Customisation & Flexibility

Flexibility is key when selecting the ideal payroll solution for your company. It’s essential to consider the level of customisation it offers to ensure that the software can adapt to your business’s unique requirements. Certain payroll solutions offer features such as streamlined recruitment processes, video assessments, personalised messaging and Spend Management integrations, giving businesses the power to customize their payroll management experience. Ultimately, it comes down to aligning the system with your preferences and ensuring satisfaction. This level of flexibility enhances efficiency and adaptability to meet diverse needs.

There you have it! These are the top 7 payroll solutions for Nigerian businesses in 2024. Choosing the right payroll solution is crucial, especially in a business environment prone to frequent changes. Select a solution that aligns with your business goals, and you’ll witness remarkable growth and productivity. If you’re convinced, take the step today and integrate a suitable payroll software into your business operations for enhanced efficiency. Your business deserves it!

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